30 Oct 2018

PRFC was at the MODELS 2018 conference in Copenhagen

PRFC had the pleasure of participating once again in the annual MODELS conference (cf. St Malo in 2016) organized this year in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

20 years already that the first edition, called UML’98, was held in Mulhouse, organized by Pierre-Alain Muller!

To note the significantly more important part of industrial participants than in the past, which is a very good sign for a conference on modeling!

I was mostly interested in the Model-Based Systems Engineering Meeting and in the Industry Day.

The MBSE Meeting started with a very interesting keynote of Ed Seidewitz: SysML v2 and MBSE: The next ten years, Basically the main problem of SysML is its direct filiation with UML… Room for Arcadia/Capella:-)

Then we had a large number of industrial presentations on the MBSE Adoption Challenges:



The next day, a lot of people in the big Amphi for The Industry Day with some well-known presenters:

As always, diverse and rewarding encounters and an appointment made in September next year at Munich for MODELS 2019!