Pascal Roques regularly participates in conferences in France and abroad. He has made numerous presentations on MBSE for over 20 years …

He has also published several articles in specialized magazines or blogs.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of main conferences where PRFC intervened as well as links to articles written by Pascal Roques.

June 2022 – ERTS2 2022 (Toulouse)

STPA Analysis of Automotive Safety Using Arcadia and Capella (with D. Hetherington -Asatte Press)

October 2018 – Models 2018 (Copenhagen)

MBSE Adoption Challenges – Focus on Arcadia / Capella

March 2018 – CapellaDay 2018 (Stuttgart)

Guide to Arcadia and Capella successful adoption

January 2018 – ERTS2 2018 (Toulouse)

Capella to SysML Bridge: a Tooled-up Methodology for MBSE Interoperability
(with B. Viaud, Artal)

September 2017 – EclipseDay Milano

Capella: the Polarsys solution for MBSE

Juin 2017 – CapellaDay @EclipseCon 2017 (Toulouse)

Why are Arcadia and Capella relevant for MBSE?

October 2016 – Models 2016 (St-Malo)

Tutorial : ARCADIA in a Nutshell

June 2016 – EclipseCon 2016 (Toulouse)

Hands-On Systems Modeling with ARCADIA / Capella

January 2016 – ERTS2 2016 (Toulouse)

MBSE with the ARCADIA Method and the Capella Tool

August 2015 – Blog de Crescendo Technologies (with Joseph Aracic)

Select and deploy a conceptual modelling language. Some Keys.

June 2015 – EclipseCon 2015 (Toulouse)

Systems Modeling with the ARCADIA method and the Capella tool

April 2015 – RE Magazine IREB (Issue 2015-02)

Modeling Requirements with SysML

May 2014 – No Magic World Conference (Allen – USA)

How Not to Fail With SysML

November 2013 – ICSSEA’13 (Paris)

Tutorial : UML vs. SysML

July 2013 – INCOSE Webinar N°54

Requirements Modeling with SysML

April 2013 – IEEE SysCon 2013 (Orlando – USA)

Tutorial : Requirements Modeling with SysML

February 2013 – No Magic World Conference (Allen – USA)

SysML Adoption in France: Industry Examples

March 2012 – IEEE SysCon 2012 (Vancouver – Canada)

Tutorial : SysML

October 2011 – MODELS 2011 (Wellington – NZ)

Tutorial : SysML vs. UML2: A Detailed Comparison