05 Dec 2019

PRFC Training Offer for 2020

PRFC training offer is reorganizing for 2020!

We of course still offer trainings on MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) around two main streams:

And we can organize training sessions either:

  • In-House on customer site, on demand, with possibility of customization;
  • In inter-companies in Toulouse and Paris, from the PRFC standard catalog;
  • Remotely, through platforms like zoom ou Teams.

Our new trainings are progressive, according to your objectives:

  • Seminar ‘Introduction’ in 1 day: presentation of MBSE with commented examples
  • Workshop ‘Through practice’ in 2 days: use of a modeling language on a paper case study
  • Hands-on workshop ‘In action with the tool …’ in 3 or 4 days: use of a modeling language on a case study with a modeling tool

The PRFC website will be progressively updated, with new training sheets, and we will soon be offering inter-company sessions in Toulouse and Paris!

In the meantime, here is already the declination of the offer on both streams: