25 Nov 2021

New videos on the PRFC YouTube channel!!

The PRFC YouTube channel on MBSE has been in existence for 18 months now …

We now have nearly 300 subscribers, but more important a dozen videos (in French and in English), with more than 10,000 views, and 675 hours of viewing 😉

The most popular video is without context the one in French entitled: Introduction au MBSE avec Arcadia et Capella, with over 2250 views and 200 hours of viewing time.

A newer and more technical video in English: Blank Diagram Basics in Capella, still had over 1,400 views and 80 hours of viewing. And we’ve just added two new videos on the Scenario Diagram, one of the trickiest to master in all modeling tools, UML and SysML included:

These videos are all short extracts from recent remote training courses, and prefigure the library of e-learning modules that we are going to produce in the coming months. They will be supplemented with quizzes, resources, etc. which will be available to PRFC customers. In short, our ambition is to build a complete ‘blended-learning’ offer on MBSE around Arcadia / Capella next year …

Stay tuned and subscribe!