PRFC is now Participant Member of the Capella Industry Consortium!

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Since September, PRFC has joined the brand new Capella Industry Consortium, under the Polarsys project of the Eclipse Foundation,

whose mission is to host the Capella ecosystem stakeholders in a vendor neutral way with an open governance:

  • companies developing complex systems and softwares
  • suppliers providing offers on the top of Capella
  • academics with a MBSE topic for research need

The goals of the Capella IC are summed up by the following figure: At the moment, members of the Capella IC are:

If you want to take part in the Capella ecosystem from the inside, become a member of Capella IC!

14 Nov 2017

Eclipse Day Milano

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End of September, I had the pleasure to take part to the Italian Eclipse Conference which was hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan.

A rich schedule for one day, as there were two parallel sessions from 10h to 17h15, after the Keynote on the Eclipse Working Groups.

It was the occasion to meet again participants of the French June EclipseCon, namely Gaël Blondelle  (Eclipse Foundation) and Oliver Prouvost (OPCoach) from Toulouse, but also  Lorenzo Bettini and Patrik Suzzi. Maxime Porhel (Obeo) was also there to present All about UX in Sirius. On my side, I did a general presentation of Capella: Capella: the Polarsys solution for MBSE.

The slides of my presentation are available there : Slides (pdf).

01 Nov 2017

First Capella Training in China!

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First Capella Training in China!

I had the pleasure of facilitating the first Capella training in China last week!

The session took place in Nanjing (historic city of 8 million inhabitants, 300 km from Shanghai …) in Glaway Soft, for the Systems Engineering team. Luckily for me, there was air conditioning everywhere, the temperature being around 40°C during the day and 30°C during the night all week long … 

At Glaway Soft in Nanjing

Two people from this company had already started a pilot project with Capella at the beginning of the year and the objective of the training was both to consolidate their first experience but also to train other system or software engineers coming from Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu.

It was particularly impressive to do the review of a Capella model with the names of functions and components in ideograms at the end of the training session and to see the interface of the Capella tool in Chinese, translated by Glaway Soft. 

There is enormous potential there, as you can imagine, and I am confident that many projects will start quickly in China with Capella …

To be continued!

01 Aug 2017