26 Jun 2018

Arcadia is a French Standard (AFNOR)!

The ARCADIA method has been standardized with the AFNOR as Experimental Standard Z67-140, by the ‘Engineering and Quality of Software and Systems’ commission:

Technologies de l’information – ARCADIA – Méthode pour l’ingénierie des systèmes soutenue par son langage de modélisation conceptuel – Description Générale – Spécification de la méthode de définition de l’ingénierie et du langage de modélisation

The summary of this standard is as follows:

  1. Scope
  2. Terms and definitions
  3. Specification of the ARCADIA engineering definition method
  4. General specification of the ARCADIA modeling language
  5. Specification of ARCADIA modeling language concepts
  6. Annex A (informative) Description of the ARCADIA method
  7. Annex B (normative) ARCADIA concepts and perspectives
  8. Annex C (normative) Relationship between concepts

The document XP Z67-140 was published (in French) in March 2018. It is on sale on the AFNOR shop.

Note: ARCML is the name of the modeling language dedicated to the definition of models that conform to the ARCADIA method.