12 Apr 2018

A new training course: “Capella Reader”!

I regularly get requests for Capella trainings that would be shorter than the standard curriculum, for people who will not directly work with the tool on the creation of models, but rather as readers of diagrams made by others.

This may be the case for a client working with a contractor that uses Capella, who wishes to understand well diagrams of both Operational and System Analysis levels which are provided to him/her, in order to collaborate efficiently with the contractor. Or the case of a project leader whose architects and system engineers use Capella on a daily basis, and who must validate diagrams done on the project at all Arcadia levels. Or for a specialty engineer who must understand and leverage Physical Architecture diagrams and maybe Logical ones too.

If you are in one of these cases, this new 2-day training is made for you!

Standard content is possibly ajustable according to Arcadia levels concerned and the types of diagrams you’ll need to master.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any special needs and we’ll forward you a customized offer…