25 Sep 2015

Publication de SysML 1.4

C’est (enfin) officiel : la version 1.4 de SysML a été publiée formellement par l’OMG :

SysML V1.4 Specification Release

September, 2015. The OMG SysML Version 1.4 specification (OMG document formal/2015-06-03) has been formally released and can be downloaded from the OMG SysML page at http://www.omg.org/spec/SysML/1.4/. This specification was adopted in, March 2014, and supercedes SysML Version 1.3. Some of the vendors have implemented SysML v1.4 features in their tools.
Some of the more significant changes in SysML 1.4 include:
  • enhanced the view and viewpoint method that supports view generation
  • added a lightweight grouping mechanism called element group
  • provided mechanisms to unambiguously refer to a deeply nested element within a part hierarchy
  • substantial additions to non-normative quantity and unit libraries, and refined the QUDV semantics
  • added notations for inherited features, behavior compartments, and port features
  • included SysML diagram interchange capability
  • updated language conformance statements for abstract syntax, concrete syntax, and model interchange